Gah, too short

As part of the garage re-org, I moved the work table to the back of the garage (where the tire racks used to be). The floor drops off 6 inches right where the table ends, so I end up being 6″ shorter to the table than before. Good thing I had a giant pile of 2×4 from taking down the old shelves and a box of 3″ deck screws. How about an indoor deck?

The shot shows the deck 50% done. I added additional planks down the slope afterwards. The complete product was nice to walk on bare feet, and smelled good.


Goodies pile

Been collecting parts to hook up the clutch and steering hydraulics. Decided to go with Aeroquip from Summit because – that’s right, you guessed it. It was the cheapest.

If you are interested in doing this on your own, I followed the wonderful guide here for the clutch hydraulics:

Steering was more complicated. Just remember that the 240sx steering rack high side is M14x1.5, and low side is M16x1.5. Get the correct metric to AN adapters. I did -6AN for both high and low, and added an in-line steering cooler. You will also need a Billet Specialties RP1300 valve, Summit Racing P# BSP-RP1300. This limits the LS1 PS pump output to 2gpm so you don’t blow the 240sx steering rack, and converts the output to a nice -6AN fitting.

No, the Bath and Body Works, Nordstorm and Victoria Secret bags are not part of this work 🙂

Last but not the least, I’m attaching a parts list so you don’t have to waste hours and hours hunting down the lowest prices.

Cleanness is next to godliness

Before getting to involved (or re-involved) with the car, I figured I take a good solid month to make sure my working condition is acceptable. The 2 car garage will never look like that of a real shop, but some part of me really wanted things to be organized.

After some research, I decided on the 36″x18″x72″ wirerack shelves from Target. These bad boys were on sale for $36.99 a piece. Why not, I walked out with 6. Some serious elbow grease and the garage is looking much better.

240 back from the dead

For those of you that remember, I have a white 240 sitting on jackstands. I guess working full time with “side project” can have its toll on the main project, but the time off has allowed me to realize how crazy I was. What was I thinking? Maxima V6 into 240? No wonder why that car never ran. Time to enter the 21st century and let diversity do its magic.

The all so awesome LS1 was once considered to be too expensive to stuff under the hood of a 240. But as it turns out, I’ve probably spent just as much on the VQ and gotten nowhere. It is time to be decisive! 240mi round trip to Bakersfield, CA and some $$ later I got myself one.

Why LS1? Besides being super cool, the super popular american V8 has tons of aftermarket support and parts are dirt cheap. The motor sits lower and further back, and actually improves the weight distribution of the car. Most importantly, the ECM is easily programmable. I know a lot of you will jump up and down at the idea of a standalone, but trust me. Nothing with what we are willing to pay will work as well as a factory computer.

Those $%#! motor mounts….

As usual, I just can’t seem to do things right the first time. If you remember my last post about my version 2 motor mounts, you would know how much I hate them… Well with a few days of vacation from thanksgiving, there is no reason why these shouldn’t be fixed!

The plan was to use these joist mounts and form into supports for hockey puck mounts:

But folding in the sides made a mess, and I really don’t want to deal with these wimpy 0.065″ stampings. Instead these became mock-ups, and I fabricated the actual mounts with the 1-1/4 x 1/8 mild steel on hand:

A few more passes with the magic wand:

Cutting off and grinding away the old mounts was a pain in the butt. After some struggling, The new ones made their way in. Much more stiff and better looking. For some reason my tig welds looks terrible, more reasons to paint these.

3 days of hard work!

Proudly made in China

Sometimes in life you need quality hardware. Hand tools, welder, beer… For everything else, there is Harbor Freight:

How does it work? Great! The only problem is the 36 grit wheel must’ve been made by someone who came to work with a hangover, because it was about 10tho out of round and makes the grinder walk around. Time to buy a dresser… where is that coupon?!