Clutch Slave

It is interesting going from a 20 year old car to a 10 year old car – so many things change. For example: the 240 clutch hydraulics run off simple brake hoses and flared fittings, while the T56 clutch utilizes a combination of braided lines and proprietary fittings (what is this needle-ball fitting that cost $12?). To mate the 2 together, one not only need a new clutch MC, but a series of -3 and -4 AN lines to pipe it all together.

Pressure side – 36″ banjo to -3AN, connected to the mysterious and expensive needle ball Russell fitting
Bleed side – 12″ -4AN, to 10mm female flare, to 10mm bleeder valve

You can buy everything together in a kit, but this was my first opportunity to work with AN fittings and I was not about to give up the fun. Sourcing all the parts together from summit and Pegasus was rather like playing lego (or ochem for the real nerdy type).

A closeup of the finished slave cylinder:

Hope it don’t leak


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