Fuel pump upgrade

Who would know 5.7L of dino juice burning power would outrun the original fuel pump that came with the 240. It seems that I too, can’t avoid the most common upgrade – the infamous Walbro 255 fuel pump.

Make sure you buy the whole kit for the specific car! Sometimes the pump will come as just the pump, without the rubber isolator at the bottom. This will make the pump hang by the hose, probably not a good idea. Quick eBay search gave the appropriate kit for the S13.

The process went smoothly, since I’ve previously pulled the pump just out of curiosity. Mark the pressure and return hose on the pump housing before you disconnect it (they look exactly the same).

I was quite surprised to find every part inside of the fuel tank to be in pristine order – apparently things don’t rust in gas fume! The pump, hoses and clamps all look like the day they were made. Felt like I was working on a 1 year old 240.

Not a big fan of using crimp noodles to join wires, would have preferred to solder the wires onto the pump cover terminals directly. At this point the gas fume was getting out of control and I simply wanted to close it up.


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