Goodies pile

Been collecting parts to hook up the clutch and steering hydraulics. Decided to go with Aeroquip from Summit because – that’s right, you guessed it. It was the cheapest.

If you are interested in doing this on your own, I followed the wonderful guide here for the clutch hydraulics:

Steering was more complicated. Just remember that the 240sx steering rack high side is M14x1.5, and low side is M16x1.5. Get the correct metric to AN adapters. I did -6AN for both high and low, and added an in-line steering cooler. You will also need a Billet Specialties RP1300 valve, Summit Racing P# BSP-RP1300. This limits the LS1 PS pump output to 2gpm so you don’t blow the 240sx steering rack, and converts the output to a nice -6AN fitting.

No, the Bath and Body Works, Nordstorm and Victoria Secret bags are not part of this work 🙂

Last but not the least, I’m attaching a parts list so you don’t have to waste hours and hours hunting down the lowest prices.


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