240 back from the dead

For those of you that remember, I have a white 240 sitting on jackstands. I guess working full time with “side project” can have its toll on the main project, but the time off has allowed me to realize how crazy I was. What was I thinking? Maxima V6 into 240? No wonder why that car never ran. Time to enter the 21st century and let diversity do its magic.

The all so awesome LS1 was once considered to be too expensive to stuff under the hood of a 240. But as it turns out, I’ve probably spent just as much on the VQ and gotten nowhere. It is time to be decisive! 240mi round trip to Bakersfield, CA and some $$ later I got myself one.

Why LS1? Besides being super cool, the super popular american V8 has tons of aftermarket support and parts are dirt cheap. The motor sits lower and further back, and actually improves the weight distribution of the car. Most importantly, the ECM is easily programmable. I know a lot of you will jump up and down at the idea of a standalone, but trust me. Nothing with what we are willing to pay will work as well as a factory computer.


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