VQ35 cam spacers – something you should just pay $75 for

These little cam spacers have been a royal pain for this build. Instead of forking up $75 and just buying some, I insisted on machining my own (which took more than 2 tries and too many hours), and putting them in in the most questionable fashion. After spending 4 hours last time getting all the way to the cam, I for some reason decided to not spend the extra 10min to fix it right. A little JB weld never hurt anybody, I thought. Behold, another 4 hours later and I found all the JB weld have broke – leaving the dowl pins floating around. well this time we are going to fix it right:


Cleaned it up nicely and welded up in the little jig I made back in St. Louis. Still need to grind off the excess weld (I need a TIG badly!) and slightly enlarge the center hole. This should provide many years of reliable service.


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