But wait, let us aim higher…

It has recently come to my attention that if I was going to make an adapter, I might as well adapt something really cool! How does a VQ35HR manifold sound? This is where going VEMS will really pay off. 2 MAFs? pff! MAP+TPS all the way!

Happened to find one on car-part.com for $200 in Fresno. These are relatively reasonably priced given that they are only produced from 2007-2008, since no one can really use them. Need to get my hands on one and blueprint the thing.

The throttle body looks similar to a VQ30DE unit, however with the drive-by-wire mod. I figure slap 2 VQ30DE TBs on there, and use a good-ol motorcycle dual carb throttle cable box to finish things up.

O, the length we go to convince ourselves that we were right all along.


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