Spend $40 on part, or 4 weeks making it?

Nissan utilizes a 180 tooth wheel on the flywheel, a 2+1+1 sync wheel on the crank pully and a funky timing sync on the cam gear. VEMS wants something simple, so I decided to whip up a Bosch-style 60+2 trigger for it.

It is worth mentioning that this is no rare part, I could have just bought it and saved a month of work, but noooo…

Day 1 – Castrating the crank pully:

Day 3 – Turning out the part on some sheet metal:

Day 34 – Testing version 3 (don’t ask):
Testing involves spinning the crank pulley up to 4000rpm on the mill with a custom arbor, and scoping the output of the stock VR sensor. This is a scary task, if the thing came off I’d have 10lb of out of control circular saw power that is eager to find my fingers.

omg it works, the huge ppv around the missing tooth is caused by some magnetic flux effect that I’m too lazy to explain here, but hopefully VEMS is kosher with that



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