college intelligence, full machine shop, 6 year old imagination

According to reliable sources on Maxima forums, the VQ30DE rod bolt should be good up to 7200rpm – the oil pump usually goes first. The following dyno from the same poster reveals something very interesting:

With the S1 knockoffs set to 2 crank degrees off base advance, the horsepower looks like it will be at a reasonable all the way to 8000rpm. Heck, even if it doesn’t make power up there it would be interesting nevertheless to go that high. Who is this retard?

Standard cookbook calls for ARP rod bolts. Voila, ARP makes bolts for every Nissan engine except for the VQ30. Some long and hard research reveals that a SB 273 has rod bolts that will almost work, provided that we ream out the rod bolt holes to .3460. This gives us the same amount of interference fit as the stock bolts, although a BE rework is still necessary. Why not:


As it turned out later the bolts needs another couple of tho taken off on a lathe, but they all fit together nicely after the machine shop got done with them. If the VQ flys apart while I’m burying the tach, I think I’d know why.


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