VQ30DE Torque Plate

Ask anyone that rebuild engines, and they would tell you a torque plate is a must for boring. Fast forward to the VQ30 – no one except for in California or Florida has one! After some futile forum searching, I decided to make my own out of 2.5″ 6061 stock:


This is one made in Taiwan CNC hard at work. It is no HAAS, but having one beats not having one. The 5 fluted 1/2″ end mill alone is worth over $100! Thank you WashU!

This is what you have 6 hours later:


The piece was then drilled for the head studs, and fly cut (the machine shop later fly cut it again to get a mirror finish). All in an afternoon’s work for $150 in materials, not bad. I’m now the only person in the Midwest with one of these.


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